About Anne Claire


I’m a singer, songwriter, and teacher with decades of performance experience and training in a wide range of genres. After spending my high school and college years in music and theater, I earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Music Voice Performance from UNC-Greensboro before continuing to study with teachers Carla LeFevre, Patrick Hansen, and Meredith Monk. While my own work largely focuses on pop and contemporary music, my training and experience allow me to draw on a wide range of traditions and techniques to help my students meet their goals.

In 2018 I released my first LP I Still Look For You, and in 2021 I partnered with local label Suah Sounds to release my single Jean Jacket. I’ve collaborated with artists like Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Ari Picker (Lost in the Trees), Chris Stamey (The dB’s) and I’m actively writing and performing around the Triangle. My career as a working musician heavily informs my teaching: it’s a real joy to help students establish the consistent creative practices they need to come into their own as musicians, and to be able to share the techniques and insights that have helped me find some of my own most rewarding moments in music.