Bring what you’re hearing to the listeners you’re looking for.

I’m a musical mentor and production partner ready to help you take whatever you’re working on to the next level. Maybe you’re a career performer who needs a partner to make your next tour more sustainable and successful. Maybe you’re finally ready to take your demos into a professional studio. Maybe you just want to take the voice recordings you’ve hummed into your phone and learn how to turn them into finished songs. Wherever you are in your process, my years of training, performing, and production experience have given me a wide range of tools to draw on to help you perfect the finished product. From nationally touring professionals in state-of-the-art studios to beginning songwriters recording at home, I’ve helped dozens of artists break through barriers and achieve a new level of creative fulfillment. I’m ready to help you become the artist you’re working to be.

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Songwriting, arrangement, and production

My approach starts with close listening. I believe every song is an attempt to communicate—an emotion, an idea, something you want to make the listener understand. Once I have a strong sense of you and your songs’ goals, I take a holistic approach to making sure the work is reaching listeners the way you want. From arrangement and composition work on the songs themselves to studio production with professional musicians and engineers to touring and performance arrangement, I’ll guide you through every stage of your music’s life cycle to make sure it’s aligning with your creative vision.

Vocal coaching and preparation

I’ve helped many clients improve their technique to prepare for the studio, manage the nightly vocal demands of a tour, or just get more feeling out of the songs they’re working on. Helping singers of all abilities feel more confident and in command has been a constant throughout my career, and I’d love to help you find the best version of your voice.

Management and creative services

Once your project is feeling more like a product, it can be a whole new task helping listeners find your music. Do you need to raise money for recording? Do you need to plan a tour? Are you considering publishing and licensing your music? I’ve helped artists at every stage of their career make the best business decisions to build the careers they wanted, and I’m ready to help you find the right business balance for your artistic practice.

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