There is no such thing as a “bad” singing voice.

Many of us have accepted the idea that there are people who can sing and people who cannot—maybe you remember somebody making fun of a rough audition, or maybe you’ve just never felt ready to take things out of the shower. But my years of training, teaching, recording and performing have taught me that every single person has a powerful voice within them, and a singer is simply somebody who spends the time to find and shape what’s already inside them.

I believe that work starts with getting in touch with the body, addressing the anatomy in the throat, lungs and mouth and working with breath and energy starting from the ground up. I provide a safe, supportive atmosphere for every student to accept their bodies as instruments, and develop the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Maybe you want to get up on a karaoke stage for the first time in twenty years, or maybe you’re polishing your own songs up for performance. You already have the voice you need— and helping my students find, gain command of and learn to love that voice is one of my great joys in life.

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